UPDATED, again: Mehow’s TV Show Signed To Production Co.

There been a bunch of rumors and what not … but here is the ‘official word’ ….

If you got questions then post em in comments.

UPDATE: top 3 best comments/suggestions/questions posted in the comments get you a free copy of INFIELD EXPOSED. (ends Friday at midnight and well annouce the winners Saturday at noon here – WINNing comments picked below in comments section. email support@mehow.tv with your info so we can get you your loot)

Also, as per today’s announcement … all of my incredibly beneficial instructional infrared ‘in the wild’ instructional products are going away permanently because they don’t match my new ‘tv image.’ The production needs everything to ‘match’ and given the world changing implications of the new show for both you and me – I have to agree. So … We have till Friday, March 30th to completely sell out the remaining boxed set physical copies of the community’s first infield video product ‘INFIELD EXPOSED’. After friday Infield Exposed will never be available again, ever, so get one of the last copies ever now.

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*Major Spoilers Below*

In case you were wondering if a “pickup
TV show” was coming to a major channel
near you soon, this email is your official

Why is this relevant to you?

Because all the sudden what we do will
be mainstream again.

And because of this, and the way we’re
doing it…

(This is NOT “The Pickup Artist”)

Women will absolutely love it.

So not only will it be OK

**even cool**

to be in pickup but…

Women will actually appreciate it!

Plus the show will reveal and educate
you on romantic shortcuts that ‘nobody
thought was even possible’.

The end result of the show is nothing
short of completely obliterating how
‘the world views dating’ PERIOD.

(And this is not a simple
‘give away of material’ cause
there is just about zero “routines”
on the show)

This is the ‘official announcement’ to the
extent that we can reveal it.

I have an officially signed Pickup/Dating
reality show in development by a team
of Hollywood insiders.

Basically, their names are so big that
they won’t let me tell you who they are.
(Believe me, I’m a bit proud for being
the first ‘pickup team’ to pull this off
in 4 years … so I really wanted them
to let me name names, but it just can’t
happen due to the production’s secrecy)

What I can say is that the team behind this
has produced dozens of hit shows over the
last 20 years, many of which were mainstream
TV’s absolute biggest and longest running
dating and reality and mainstream entertainment
shows ever!

(But yes, even though I can’t tell you who
they are, they have officially blessed this
‘anonymous’ press alert)

This is the same development minds that
brought you a ton of very successful dating
and relationship shows (including that one from
a few years ago, you know … ,
had a tall guy in a big furry hat in it)

The show is represented by one of the big 3
agencies, however, I can’t
reveal which one yet as we want to save that
for the official announcement by the TV gods.

I can also say that We are estimating to be
on the air during the Fall season!

Listen, when I was given permission to clear
up the rumors and let you in on this incredible
news (Which has really been a humbling
experience, and I’m truly honored to have
this team so excited about the upcoming
show)…I jumped on the opportunity to
let you in on the ‘secret’.

I’m super excited for being enabled to have
my TV series vision come true, and I believe
you’ll love what we put together for your viewing
entertainment and enjoyment.

This show is going to literally *change the world*

Everybody’s perception of dating, matchmaking,
and game is going to get broken and reformed.

That sounds like it’s too good to be true… but,
I promise, its not. (And yes this release was
blessed by the ‘not in pickup’ both female and
male owned executive production team .. this
is the real deal and its coming to a screen near
you… really soon!)

We’re delivering something magically transformational
and positive, yet at the same time dramatic.

Bottom line, you’re gonna love it and its going to
help you and the women in your life.

For Your Complete Success In Love and Live!


Remember to post your comments about this great news and/or what you would do with your own tv show to win a $197 copy of ‘Infield Exposed’.

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34 Responses to UPDATED, again: Mehow’s TV Show Signed To Production Co.

  1. Louis says:

    Not sure how I feel about the upcoming show. However, I beleive in Mehow 120%!

  2. Gina says:

    oh,, tv screen near me huh!!!!sorry dont watch tv,,always same thing upstate drama,,rich people with problems,,im not hater,, but lots people in south has just much talent as jersey,,newyork,,cal.,,fla,,, it was really nice that clint eastwood remmember us people here in georgia,,we enjoy entertainment not just watchin tv or on computer,,,

  3. Jonny Utah says:

    Very cool! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  4. Jaime says:

    Just got email from mehow about the show! Just wanted to say awesomeness!

  5. Starz says:

    Man, that’s some pretty big claims, it’d be amazing to see pick up as a good thing in womens eyes but I don’t see it ever happening.

    Congrats on the show!

    • mehow says:

      @ Starz … trust me. Women will now like pickup. The production staff is over half female including the major exec that blessed it. The show will likley have more female then male viewers.

  6. Carl says:

    Sounds like Mehow is knocking it out of the ballpark with this one!
    Pickup Artist, TV star, Marketing Guru, and awesome guy too!
    Love ya Bro!!
    Talk soon

  7. w says:


    Keep it real(reel)! Teach us less fortunate how it’s really done. How to get your dream girl or any girl… how to deal with all their stuff…and never lose sight of the goal; a quality girlfriend to enhance our boring life…

    • mehow says:

      @w and @sikex the show will actually be teaching quite a bit of ‘natural game’ … yet its gonna be incredibly consistent like ‘stacking game’ … we just have a killer format/method that does that based on our 10ssa system. so you’re not gonna have pickup backlash. if were exposing anything in the show its ‘how romance really works’ as opposed to ‘game.’ like i keep saying, ‘this ain’t the pickup artistTM’ … it really isn’t a “pickup show” more a dating show, only much better with real results.

  8. Linkz says:

    Congratulations to you and your team! Wishing you all the success with your new show and future endeavors!

  9. sikex says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about it either cause on the one hand it’s nice that the pick up thing, even though it’s out there and has been exposed, I liked that it’s still sort of a thing you have to seek out rather than turn on tv and there it is.

  10. MavBlue says:

    I don’t believe any major network would edit your film footage in a way that paints men favorably. They never do.

  11. mindset says:

    I personally hate the idea, even if the network gets the show 100% correct then the only thing that will happen is that women will be more aware that they’re robots who were created to be manipulated… and more men will be aware. I hate PUA for the fact that it gives idiots the ability to trick women into liking them, and I’m angry with myself for ever being a part of it. I’ve done terrible things and I hope it never becomes mainstream again.

  12. will says:


    Mehow, this sounds epic! I can say that your materials have helped me out infield more than anything else out there and I have been through almost all of the stuff out there. Is the book still in the works too?

    p.s. You should bring Ross on the show now that would be interesting!

    • mehow says:

      @will ya there are 2 books … one nationally published intro but beefy title called “how to talk to hot women” … thats coming in the fall. were writing it now. and 10 second attraction 2 .. thats in production.

  13. Mehow, if this show is even a little bit of what we did in the hollywood hills house in October 2011. It WILL be the most entertaining reality show…..ever.

    See ya soon bro.


  14. Brad says:

    I saw the super-early demo reel and it was great! Can’t wait to catch the full-production – must see TV!!!

  15. Roy says:

    Although I am interested in free Mehow content and bringing entertainment to the masses, I am also a bit uneasy, because I have always felt that one of the major advantages of the pickup arts is that they are still very much underground. I believe this stealth trait is what maintains success with pickup methodology. If the secret arts becomes mainstream and women learn too much about what we do to influence their decisions on sexual selection, then everything that we have learned could become stale, and its effectiveness consequently could diminish. I have my fingers crossed that the show does not betray the secrecy of the community.

    • mehow says:

      @Roy … super valid concern. But they way were doing this the impact will be minimal in that regard and way more positive. On the show were only doing our new natural game system along with some monster twists / new methods that get people results super fast. But the “twists” aren’t “game” … its something else entirely.



  17. Bounty Hunter says:

    With enough of this kind of exposure you might think pickup would go stale. But I think Mehows way and the psychology behind it will always work. The worst case is it might lose a little edge. What works is PRIMAL!! It’s called attraction.

  18. Jerry says:

    It must be fun to watch the show but I have same concern like Roy has it.Since your name and your techniques come to light in public,people will hear after this show,”Oh,this is Mehow stuff ,I know you are trying to manipulate me but I won’t be manipulated by you.”

    So,you are not gonna teach nerdy guys on the TV?What kind of guys will be students??

    Oh,you guys go to the couple who has problem secretly then test her,if she is still into him or not?Like a secret guy approach to troubled couple then test her?This case,every week,different pick up artist sent to troubled couple.Unnnn,The guy pick the favorite pick up artists and send him to his girlfriend place?

    I hope show is not sleazy stuff, I hope something We can entertain!So, you will be the host!Cool.If this is reality show type like last “Pick up artists style”,contestants are the most important aspects.I mean educational part is just spice for TV show.Sprinkle some and the serious people learn from your products.

    Like You said it will be different style from last two shows.It’s great opportunity,I wish your TV program’s success!!

  19. Jeffry says:

    Hope this helps bridge the “communication gap” between men & women! When this gets picked up do come to Dallas, TX to film.

    Women are intelligent and know when your picking them up. You guys help us speak the language women understand.

    Take care! Cannot wait…
    Peacefully Stay

  20. Jeff Kulichik says:

    Good luck with the show Mehow. I will DEFINITELY watch every minute of the show when it airs!

  21. martin herrera says:

    Looking forward to your show!

  22. GuidoLover69 says:


    Congratulations to Mehow as Mystery wont be the only PUA to hit mainstream television….My only concern was similar to what other commentors are saying re: 10ssa and other PUA tactics bein exposed too much….But I think Mehow pretty much cleared the air as he said there would be minimal routines so I assume there will be more lifestyle and body language, sexual communication, setting frames, etc. as opposed to actual “Game.” I would hate to see 10ssa over exposed to the point of what happened with some of the routines that dont really work anymore due to The Pick-Up Artist show on VH-1 that aired in 2007 and 20o8….On the other hand, I agree with Mehow when he says that he could give the 10ssa book away for free to every guy in the U.S. and it still would remain underground as few actually read the whole book and actually practice and implement it….Most guys are too lazy to learn game, especially when they realize that it takes a lot of time ans effort to learn and implement…. -GuidoLover69

  23. PrickJames says:

    I’m not gonna front, I want the free sh*t… Was a p#ssy magnet just off using “Get the girl” like a manual [texting section is a savior]; so I know INFIELD is the sh^t!

    Congrats on the show… would love to see a hidden bedroom cam show LMR killing techniques… I mean who’s done that yet???

    • mehow says:

      Sadly LMR killing tech is never gonna see air. Too much heat for that. I haven’t entirley given up on a product like that but it doesn’t seem likley. -m

  24. Keith from NZ says:

    Hey Mehow.
    Love your work… jus sayin’
    Keep it up!

  25. Bill says:

    That’s awesome! I’m glad the public will finally get a chance to see your breakthrough stuff!

    Any idea what channel it will be on? Currently I don’t have cable (only network) so let me know if I need to get it!

    • mehow says:

      B, we can’t reveal channel details but unless your still using bunny ears on a vintage 80′s tv set i can guarantee that you will be able to see our show. plus it will also be available on the networks web.

  26. Pete says:

    The show is gonna be awesome!! It’ll be great for people to see how things are supposed to happen. If everyone knew the reality of dating that the show will portray the world would be a different place. This could help that happen.

  27. Ryan says:

    I think its great that there is a show for us hard working puas that will show women how to appreciate. If it were my show, I would deprogram them of the word “Slut” and show society what that word has done to women, and encourage women to be more sexually liberated. ahaha talk about mass sexual framing XD

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