Social Circle Sarging: O.P.P. Edition

Hey Guys,

“Who’s down with O.P.P.?
Ya You Know … Me”"

OPP = Other People’s Pussy

I don’t think the 90s rap group “Naughty by Nature” was thinking what we were thinking when we wrote this blog post but were definitley “Down Wit’ O.P.P.”
(and its not what you think … this isn’t a ‘how to steal g/f’s method’)

Late last year we hit you up with the new improved social circle sarging method that DaveC came up with, really good for getting new girls in your social circle, even better when they know you’re into pick up or if you have a player vibe. Since then we’ve continued to experiment with a variety of different social circle situations.

You see when there are a tonne of social circle girls chilling and you’re sub-comms / game is pretty tight it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Of course there are a lot of different permutations of the social circle structure but out of all these, one really caught my eye.

What if other guys brought a large amount of girls to us? What if we didn’t need a social circle at all? Of course it’s not as simple as that. How many guys are going to just start straight up bringing girls to you?

After some trial and error we hooked it up.

The magic holy grail of how to sleep with girls you never have to approach, cause they approach you … at your house.

The results where nothing short of phenomenal, but there are some subtle changes that become important like:

Giving Social Value

We often talk about giving value to girls but in this case your first requirement is to know guys who have a good tight social circle of women and help hook them up. In our case we looked no further then the local club promoter. His job is to consistently bring in high quality women to nightclubs but with that requirement there are a couple of real problems such as:

1) He can never find enough cool guys to chill with his girls

You see the good promoters get all their girls in one place then drag them all to the club, the pre-party gets the girls ready for a fun-filled night. Unfortunately girls like dudes (most of em anyway) and if there’s only 1 guy to 14 girls it’s gonna be a problem.

However, those of us trained socially are perfect, we know how to keep many girls satisfied at any one time without over-stepping the mark or creating any weird vibes that most creeper dudes would generate. (Note: Most guys start hitting on every girl straight away or just have bad calibration)

2) He doesn’t have a cool place to party.

A good promoter we know ended up getting some noise citations, so we let him use our place for his pre-parties, it got crazy fast, of course if you use your place for the pre-party it will also be used for the after party 90% of the time, and your bedroom is. Right. There.

Another great part of the pre-party is that no one trashes your place, people don’t drink too much because they don’t want to get wasted before the night really gets going.

Even better you don’t need the most amazing party place as long as it looks amazing, check out this video by our good friend LoveDrop from VA to see what we mean:

NOTE: Avoid promoters who want $$’s in exchange for hooking you up, there is pretty much always a way around this, paying is usually never worth it. It sets you up as another guy paying for the company of women. Also, stay away from ‘c***whore’ promoters. Not what you want. Avoid. Bad. Sarging girls that are obsessed with getting (starts with C) generally doesn’t result in any sex or positive relationships or positive anything for that matter.

The Importance Of The Pre-Party:

Trying to pull fresh sets that you havent really talked to before right prior to the after party can work but it often doesn’t because …

At the end of the nite *every dude* is trying to pull in a panicky ‘I’m desperate to pull so I get some pussy’ manner, the girls all know this … so even though you might have tight game and be totally un-needy – you get put in that ‘desparate’ category by the girls regadless and you have to work way harder to get things to happen.

Consequently, depending on the club, doing all the heavy sarging there without making an initial impression BEFORE the venue can set you back, costing you a good time later on that night.

To sarge other people’s social circles effectively you’ll want to follow the following 3 step formula:

1) have all of them pre-party at your house and make sure the ratio is good (at least 3 girls for every guy)
2) pick one girl (preferably one that you know, from your social circle that you invited specifically for this purpose) that you just have normal low value velocity comfort conversation with so it looks like your hitting on NOBODY.
3) Don’t really talk to all the other girls until they IOI you multipe times.

This puts in complete contrast to the guy who thinks he can mack on every girl that passes through his door.

Then after a while girls will start showing you interest on your disinterest, allowing you to transition straight to mid-game. Ill give a girl 15 mins of stuff like …

HB10justgottomyhouse: “Hi, I’m Sarah :) . Is this your place.”
me: “ya” (ignoring her pretty much)
HB10justgottomyhouse: “OK, soo …. what your name.”
me: “mehow” (still ignoring her pretty much)
HB10justgottomyhouse: “OK, nice to meet you.”
me: keeps taking to the girls from step 1)

So I’m not totally ignoring them … Im just giving them enough of an answer to their questions as to not be a total social violator but im IODing them with my body language the entire time and I go back to talking to my faux target.

After 30 mins or so of this you will have girls staring at you really hard, hair tossing, giving you proximity, finding excuses to sit next to you etc and then you can just pick the hottest one and go straight into normal mid game and viola… odds are youre gonna have an extra house guest that nite and maybe the start of something big and awesome.

Usually all this takes is game and a small apartment makeover and a few bottles of cheap liquor with mixers.

Choose The High End Venues, Get The Hotter Girls:

You want a promoter who not only goes to the higher venues but gets free bottles, tables and free entry and a cut of the bar due to the copious amounts of women he is bringing to the club. Good promoters can get anywhere between $200 – $500 a night for what they do on top of the perks mentioned above.

When they are promoting at the hotter clubs, they have hotter girls show up. We actually went to a club recently that was turning away any girl that wasn’t a 9 or above. Usually these places are attract the extremely attractive and the extremely wealthy. If you’re promoter is working these venues then it’s a good bet that he’s pulling in really hot women. So the best nights to host the pre-party are the when the best clubs are popping.

One last point, make sure you know which girls the promoter is hooking up with, you always want to avoid starting something with a promoters girl for obvious reasons.

That’s it guys, hopefully these mini-steps will help those of you who want to have some cool guy friends that can offer value to each other and sarge some women too.

Mehow & DaveC
p.s. And if you want a pic of what this looks like here is one from last week ….
(yes, our residential students get in on this every week … we have 2 spots left in 2012 … go here if you want to apply)

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12 Responses to Social Circle Sarging: O.P.P. Edition

  1. Stephen says:

    16 chicks and 5 guys, that’s 3.2 girls per guy!!!!


  2. PrickJames says:

    You guys are the Pai Mei of the Venusian arts…

    … and this is the muthafukking ‘five point palm exploding heart technique’!!!

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  4. MavBlue says:

    Mehow, great article, but you need a part two about courting these promoters. I worked this angle for a while and fought in the trenches of this scene. Much of what you say is 100% right. However, getting a high-level promoter to want to hang out with you unless you are rich (potential client) and already have a social circle of girls (wants you to bring girls to his club) is very hard for several reasons. But if you have those things already, do you really need a promoter? I’m assuming this article is written for people who don’t have those things already and are starting at the bottom. Here are some of the challenges people will face:

    1) Top promoters don’t talk to people. People introduce people to them.

    …Good promoters work hard. They’re not drinking and partying. They are running around booking tables, sending follow-up texts to flaky promo girls and dancers to show up, dealing with their angry bosses, and battling through their own drama involving girlfriends and goohmas. Even when you do get introduced to a top promoter by a good client of theirs, they see you as an extension of that client. The interaction is usually just to make their client feel cool and give everyone the aura of connections.

    2) Top promoters have tons of pre-parties to go to, or they are so burnt out from the club scene, they know their regulars are going to show up, and they could careless about your little party at Love Drops New Pad.

    …It takes a lot to get a promoter to do something outside of his territory. He is king of his kingdom there. Why would he venture out? Sure you seem like a nice cool guy, and you know girls, but if he goes to your party it shows weakness. At the top of elite clubs, it’s a zero sum game. All the alpha males are competing for the attention of the top 5% of the beautiful women. If they aren’t already (in which case they really won’t come to your pre-party) top promoters are trying to break into the social circles of the NBA, NFL and MLB athletes and celebrities. Socializing outside of the club with lower shelf clients takes away from their aura, so they are very leery of doing that. Now if you’re a guy driving around in a Phantom Bentley and have a trust fund, then sure, he’ll hang out with you. And maybe he’ll legit want to be your friend, in the unlikely case he isn’t courting you as a client. But if your a college sophomore living in your first apartment that you preformed a Love Drop make-over on, and you’re just a cool value giving kind of guy like most of the readers here…this is going to require a longer blog with some outside the box ideas then what has been presented above. And to the other point, if you’re driving around in the Bentley, and have the trust fund, and a small amount of game, you don’t “really” need to go find the promoter–he’ll end up your friend organically and so will the women. (For instance, use your same “social circle party principles game” but invite your hair dresser and her whole salon to your pre-party. They are much more likely to jump through your hoop than a top promoter is going to bring his harem to your house. Not saying it can’t be done (hell Mehow, you did it–but you had a ton of smoke and mirrors in play like “I’m doing things for MTV” sound bites, cool cars and a bitchin’ location—I’m not hating. I’ve seen you hustle hard for those things.) But what I am saying is, there are more effective and efficient ways to apply those social circle principles that truly do work and don’t waste time with promoters if you don’t operate on a higher playing field (i.e. you buy tables from the promoter twice a month and are inviting them to a pre-party that is fully loaded to begin with before you buy a table from the promoter that night…that kind of playing field.)

    3) Getting hot girls to a pre-party isn’t easy

    …In my other life, I knew a lot of top promoters and was one of the “cool normal guys” they would invite to a club to not creep out their girls. I remember when a bunch of them tried to launch a pre-party cocktail hour, from like 8 to 10:30. Seemed like a great idea. We can’t party longer, so let’s party earlier! What everyone found out is, it’s very hard to get top tier girls to show up early. They are either getting ready, or hanging out at an NBA player’s house or doing blow with the club’s drug dealer at his pad. My promoter acquaintances got a couple of Maximum girls to show up a few times, but everyone knew this girl was doing him a favor and he had spent some of his capital to make it happen. At the end of the day, the promoters realized, it was better to focus their efforts toward the club, getting people to show up THERE early, if they could get them to, and then hopefully have a welcome committee, so to speak, for the Maximum girl when she decided to roll out of bed.

    4) Top promoters (and second tier) stick to themselves.

    …Here is a fact that many people don’t know: Most of the top promoters were losers. Yep. A lot of them were guys who were very uncool. But they kept working hard and leveraged the shit out of their connections. And before they knew it, they had a bunch of women around them because they could get these women into the clubs these girls wanted to show their Jimmy Choos at. And over time, these guys got cooler, due to those interactions and forging their blades so to speak in the fires of club hell. Many of them are ex PUA’s who read The Game, got this new identity and said screw pick-up, it’s dumb. And most have these buddies that they keep close to them because they were there from the start, before they were cool, and now when any new person tries to befriend them, promoters are a bit jaded and think it’s only because of their new connections. So they don’t trust outsiders. That goes for everyone in the night life industry world actually–from the waitress to the bouncer.

    So yeah, I’m not hating on this post. In fact the, “what to do at your pre-party” game is 100% on point. But I’d like to see you comment on how to leverage little to no value (i.e. the college guy living in his dorm) into being invited into an NBA player’s social circle, because it’s way more than doing a Love Drop Makeover and saying, “Hey you guys seem cool, we’re all having an after party at my cool new pad around the corner…Join us.”

    In order to give some value here, (and I hope people don’t read my criticisms as limiting beliefs, but rather lessons learned over a long period of sustained effort that you can work to over come) here is one piece of advice to anyone reading this:
    Reinforce Mehow’s insight that promoters need cool guys in their clubs to not creep out their girls. Say something strategically during the course of a night to a promoter while he’s not super busy, like, “You know, you go to other clubs, and you see guys chasing after hot girls and creeping them out. And it’s a mess. But YOU always seem to bring the good people into your club, both girls AND GUYS. I’ve never understood clubs that comp just any girl off the street and charge men–it’s like they don’t understand how important the vibe is…but you create that every night here. It’s awesome.” Things like this (said more concisely) go along way. The promoter isn’t going to hang out with you outside of the club, but he will recognize you. The best is to say something like this after some acquaintance of yours who spent the big bucks on a table introduces you to the promoter.
    (Side note to guys starting out in this Game: Some of the second tier promoters I knew, guys on the verge of breaking into that Celebrity and Pro Athlete social circle, who had the smokin’ hot girlfriend with fake boobies–actually lived in their parent’s basement. You never would have known from the way they dressed, or how they carried themselves. But they did. And those same guys, who I would never speak ill of because they took such good care of me in the clubs, never would hang out with me outside of the club–even if I invited them to a rib-eye steak BBQ with girls, or a lake house with boats, or a condo next to the club looking over a marina, and said, “Bring who ever.” I offer that as some insight into the psychology of the night hustle. It’s a rough and at times lonely biz.)

    Question for Mehow: What are your top 10 techniques for getting someone with higher value than you to take interest in your social circle?

  5. mehow says:

    mav – great post …

    “But I’d like to see you comment on how to leverage little to no value (i.e. the college guy living in his dorm) into being invited into an NBA player’s social circle, because it’s way more than doing a Love Drop Makeover and saying, “Hey you guys seem cool, we’re all having an after party at my cool new pad around the corner…Join us.””

    this is all relative.

    in hollywood to pull the attention of the top promoters i basically did it by a) sick pad for pre and after parties (promoters rarley have this and eveyrbody wants to afterparty, preparties dont’ go off nearly as often as after parties), b) im one of the few other dudes that pulling girls from cold approach into clubs besides them c) crushed it in field evertime im in the club (this makes people notice you and invite you into their world, their table etc. even if i walk into a club alone im knee deep in sets in minutes while the rest of the dudes stand around and do nothing) also, promoters have plenty of AA and rely on social proof to open so it still blows their minds when a dude just parachutes in from the sky and crushes shit d) used my ‘grade D internet semi-celebrity’ status … so the post is very definitely a short cut that works for people that have these advantages but less game. and ya pretty quickly you stop needing promoters per se because you have your own social circle. that said theres no reason to not bring ‘moar girls’ into your life so im still getting with my promoter friends and pimping.

    that said when you’re a college kid then your not going to be using the blogged technique to get the exact same thing. but you can use the exact same technique to become king of your college or small town party scene.

    get it?

    bottom line. its all relative and each of us has to use the advantages available to us because this shit is hard enough as it is. that said, almost everybody in the game has some advantages that they can leverage.


    • mehow says:

      and oh ya … we got infield footage of me pimping at my house … full color. ok sound. sort of a ‘preview’ of the next generation of infield footage. i just looked at the rough cut and i can tell you will like what you see. so this is a fyi note that its coming :)

  6. Socialkenny says:

    Hey Dave,in the sequence you gave with the HB,that’s pretty risky in the sense of borderline IOD/social violation.That would take calibration to actually not come off as genuinely not interested.

    Well you can actually position your body in a way as to show less interest(as you pointed out).

  7. Jean says:

    I’m a college student. I’m studying psychology. The ratio of man-women at my school is 1-20… literally. I’m out every week with a group of 8-11 women at the very least.

    Any guy who would show up inviting me to a pre-party at his house, who’s not a needy chode who would ask every single one of my girls who lies more and if they use the same shampoo could have my word i would FILL his place with girls. Actually, i’m looking for a guy with nice logistics for the pre-parties or after parties at the moment: A place where we could have fun, rule the whole social cirlcle, get laid a tone and invite girls from cold approach and pimp the girls i didn’t friendzone.

    so yeah, the advise on this post would totally work with me, even tho i’m not a promoter, but i do have the girls.

  8. chris says:

    i totally like your point of view ,since you give a lot of details about being the value and center of the group in the conversation with people ,this a great article , thanks for the info and examples

  9. Scott Herf says:

    Hi Mehow,
    Love the love drop video – where is the part 2?? The website referred to is down.

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