I Just Cancelled All My Bootcamps

You read that headline correctly.

All our bootcamps have been cancelled.

So why on earth would I cancel something that
has been so successful for us .. that in 7 years of
coaching we’ve never once given out a refund?

That would be because we came up with something even more

Here is the problem with the “pua community bootcamp”

Its usually a meat grinder where a ton of guys come to learn
from a few instructors.

All fine and dandy until its time to go infield
and the best you as a student can hope for is a 3-to-1
student to instructor ratio.

Here is the deal.

All your actual progress isn’t made in a seminar room

Its made in the field.

And with a 3 to 1 ratio its literally impossible to deliver
the level of detail attention a student needs to break through in one night.
(see below for the exact technical reason why)

Not to mention the entire bar getting ‘used up’ in 5 minutes
cause 10 bootcamp students hit it.
(have you ever tried to open a set that another student
just got blown out of … its painful)

Or a bunch of guys using similar openers.

When a ‘bootcamp’ descends on a bar its
a shitty experience almost immediately for all
the women in that venue and I hate doing it.

So from now till forever – WERE NEVER DOING

All we do now is 1:1 … as in ONE on ONEs. Privates, whatever
you want to call them.

One instructor per infield student. FOREVER. Period.

The reason is that we have an awful lot of private clients and residentials in the last year we’ve perfected our 1:1 coaching to the point that its SOO MUCH better then group coaching that there is really no comparison (and our group coachign has always gotten rave reviews anyway)

Yes, i know im tossing out a ton of money by doing things this way but our other revenue sources (upcoming TV stuff, nationally published book, IM biz in general) are all doing well enough…

That i can afford to just NOT DO WHAT every other pickup company does which is mill students through more or less useless infield.

What im doing now is only doing 1-on-1s. Bootcamps are banned at Mehow, Inc forever.

Why are 1-on-1s so much better …

After you get solid training, all that matters is your performance in field.

Your performance consists of thousands of little things that you do

And basically if your instructor isn’t watching you like a freaking stalker
and improving your every move, subcom, nuance, intonation, facial expression
, or coming in to wing you at the rate time to deal with an obstacle/guy you don’t
know how to deal with etc you aren’t making progress and getting breakthroughs.

and ultimately your breakthroughs are all that matter to you.

And to get breakthroughs you need plenty of women to talk to which
a bootcamp robs you off pretty much instantly.

Whether its talking to a few girls for the first time, getting numbers, makeouts, pulling,
or sealing the deal … all those things are breakthroughs TO YOU.

And if your instructor isn’t obsessed with you its just not gonna happen.

So there you have it.

Fuck bootcamps. they honestly are only really beneficial for the companies and
not their students and were not gonna do em anymore.

We’re now the residential and 1:1 company.

p.s. If you want to check out the schedule its here here. And fyi, these are my last 1:1′s that im coaching personally due to the TV show coming out in the fall.
p.p.s. The other reason I love 1:1s vs the other ‘crap’ is that way I get to connect with and know my students very closely. There is really nothing more rewarding then getting one guy, YOU, results and seeing it in your eyes. I bond with all the guys I teach, I’m a natural ‘connector’ and when I can’t connect because theres too many students I get pissed off, literally. so again … fuck bootcamps.
p.p.p.s. Oh ya on 1:1s I get to wing the living daylights out of you if you need it, which means I frequently setup D2s or SNLs or pulls while i’m coaching. Another reason I love 1:1s. All the guys out there that claim they get laid infield while coaching 10 man bootcamps are absolutely and completely FULL OF SHIT. Just try and get laid with a hot girl you just met while you have a posse of 10 dudes following you around. Its literally impossible. I’ve never seen it done unless your just straight ignoring your students.
p.p.p.p.s. Btw, ya for 1:1 we have to charge more money but to make that accessible we
now have all sorts of payment plans and thus far weve been able to accomodate quite a few
residential and private students in this manner. Basically, “your job is your credit”. Apply here.
p.p.p.p.p.s. If you’re already signed up for a bootcamp you just got upgraded to a 1:1 … for FREE. So for all you guys that signed up before this email … congrats … smooth move … and respect on supporting us even before we banned the bootcamp.

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One Response to I Just Cancelled All My Bootcamps

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Wow lol!This is revolutionary in a sense.

    I never actually thought about it(as far as one on ones being better than a group setting)mBut thinking about it now; it makes sense.It’s so easy to game a room(especially a bar) in no time.And the dilemma of gaming the same chic is highly likely too.

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