What a Little Dog Can Teach YOU About Game

I’m back!

(It’s me, Mehow, btw)

It’s been quite a ride and a very busy year. I got so many announcements lined up that’ll be popping throughout 2013 but for now let me tell you a quick story.

It’s about my dog Max and what he can teach you about pick up…

When girls see Max, whether it’s on the way to my bedroom or just at a house party that’s going down; they have a deep instinct. To pick him up and cuddle the crap outta him. This dog gets more tail then a slow kid at a petting zoo (Credit: American Dad!)

For many long, horrible years before I started learning the game 9 years ago I thought that because I didn’t have the guy hotness equivalent of Max’s cuteness; I would remain alone. Involuntary celibacy is not fun. Those bad beliefs were engrained in me every time I took a walk on the beach to see muscle-bound steroid monkeys effortlessly having girls giggling and talking to them.

Now I can see how try hard most of those guys are but back then I was full on drinking the social conditioning ‘kool aid’.

But after 9 years we now know, hell we’ve proved, that it isn’t looks that trigger that instinct in women that make them want to get close to a man… Well, maybe in Max’s case it is.

No, what triggers it is by knowing how to activate those very emotions that are so ingrained in our behavioral psyche because every human is born with them and every interaction conditions them. So when you know how to talk with the right emotional language you will get the Max Magnetic Effect. Every. Single. Time.

The way DaveC explains it goes something like this:

We developed a neocortex that allows us to do all these amazing, wonderful things. Invent combustion engines, understand complex communication but all this filters into our limbic system, a part of the brain completely responsible for emotions.

Our emotions tell us what we do and don’t like, they keep us making correct choices. They exist to tell us something. When people get cut off from their ability to feel emotions due to brain damage they cannot function because nothing seems important anymore.

When we use a system like 10SSA we are allowing direct communication to a deeper part of the brain through the neocortex. What makes this amazing is that the community has put so much emphasis of being ‘Alpha’ which results in a lot of try-hard behaviour. We all failed to focus on what 10SSA inherently triggers. Sexual selection.

If our primary purpose evolutionarily is to survive and replicate then why do we have art, music or philosophy? These seemingly random tangents are still developed to serve our evolutionary purpose, they demonstrate qualities like creativity, intelligence and confidence. Things that are very attractive to women.

This is why Alpha isn’t always applicable. This is why you can see guys that have no discernible status with ridiculously hot women. This is why it’s so important for you to learn how to demonstrate, sub-communicate, attractive qualities verbally.

10SSA works in that same way, verbally you are being creative, intelligent and confident in the way you talk to women purely by demonstrating it conversationally using the system. You start by using soundbites until you get the hang of it yourself. Once you know how to do it, it never goes away.

This is the lesson I’ve been trying to teach you guys over the last 9 years, it’s what compelled me to update 10 Second Sexual Attraction so that everyone could have a go at understanding and using this technology because when you can communicate directly to the girls hard-wired brain you are a ’10′ using nothing more then your personality.

My infield skills show it. The notches on my belt show it. Most importantly, the results my students see show it. My method works for everyone because it transplants your personality into a system that works with you rather then something you try to make work even though it isn’t you.

So if you’ve not already taken a look at 10SSA 2.0 do it now. You owe it to yourself. If you have used 10SSA before or are already enjoying the benefits then just leave us a comment below. We want to hear your experiences.

Only half way through 2013 and it’s going to be a crazy transformative year. I can’t wait!

P.S. Max gets boob effortlessly. So can you. ;)

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13 Responses to What a Little Dog Can Teach YOU About Game

  1. Vaiday says:

    10SSA was a big eye opener in terms of lifestyle, social circle elements and natural attraction. I mean reading about the power of being a “natural” is one thing, but having it broken down and applying it to get transfomative results is quite another… Mehow and Dave C are very talented teachers always coming up with new and effective stuff every day! Highly recommended!

  2. Richie says:

    Just got the book yesterday but it’s some advanced stuff, can’t believe I hadn’t thought about using sound-bites till now. Seems so obvious!

  3. MagicMike says:

    I read your course three or four years ago and started to use it. I met a woman who I would have normally said was way out of my league but I charmed the panties off her and we are now happily married for nearly three years. I should add that she is 23 years younger than me at 45. So it works even for us seniors. Just wish I’d read it when I was squeezing spots instead of squeezing titties.

  4. Simples says:

    without telling you about each 10 second segment.
    1). met her during day time, had less than 7min of talk without any kino.. just improvisation talk
    2). got her facebook, and started escalation, including SOI
    3). moved to phone and continued with crazy sexual escalation over text
    4). within few days we are having extremely naughty texts and already had the frame of us having sex
    5). after a week we had D2 and prior to our meeting she texted me “i want you to fuck me when we meet”
    6). from the moment I met her till we got to my bed, took 20min.. the reason of 20min is because of the driving time :) kiss in first minute, putting my hands near her pussy, area of 5min and etc..

  5. ZenFrog says:

    I’m finding the training,support and resources i’m recieving with 10SSA 2.0 incredibly effective and the teachings truly cutting~edge,way ahead of anything else out there i’ve experienced.

  6. Panache says:

    I just bought my copy, looks good so far

  7. Famous says:


    I have a tiny dick. It’s like a baby carrot and a couple of petit pois. Will your method still make girls like me even though my chance of pleasing a girl with my tiny pole is 1 in a million or should I just stick to tight asians?

  8. chinese_john says:

    10ssa 2.0 is insane. I had a girl invite me out for a day 2 on her girls night. As soon as I walked in she was all over me and her friends clearly didn’t like me. After a make out, some moves around the venue, and a few sexual elements I pulled her to my car and fucked her outside the club while her friends walked around inside looking for her. I returned her to her friends and we both pretended it never happened. At the end of the night her friends drug her away thinking they clock blocked me … If they only knew how impossible that was at this point.

  9. Great stuff as usual Mehow. Newbies can learn a lot from this anecdote and concept. Even the advanced guys like I am.

  10. Gigantor says:

    That dog is insanely cute

  11. John_Utah says:


    I have to be “that guy” but I would like to know if you are offering 10SSA 2.0 at a discounted price if we already bought the first one? I’m in the transitional period between college and job/grad-school and a little low on funds.

  12. By the way Mehow, on a side note, have you stopped producing videos for your infield exposed or infield insider video project? It hit very hard around 2008-9, but seems like it stalled?

  13. DaveC says:

    Yes, Infield Insider was finally stopped in 2010.

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