Bringing It Back… The Residential & Updates!

It took us a little while but we’ve been kinda busy working on the women’s Yahoo! web series “The Girl’s Game, getting our 3SSA 2.0 out the door and of course our nationally published book. [Our men's show on Yahoo! Screen is going to be out later this year!]

With these big successes taken care of, it’s time for us to go back to the thing that motivates us most: Helping you get good at pickup. No program or product we’ve ever done has made as much of an impact as The Residential.

It is, quite literally, a game changer. One that’s hard to ignore. It’s also a program that has been sold out, until recently. First we just didn’t have the spots… then we could only handle a reduced student load due to production demands for the books and show.

Times Are Changing.

We’re going back to our live training roots but with a whole new and improved training formula, we’re looking to do it better, faster & slicker than ever before. This is a program that has changed so many lives for the better and I feel like a father watching his children grow up, beaming with pride.

What Happens On Residential…

We just moved to a brand new place, with each student getting his own room in the mansion and a maximum of 2 students to each coach. We are now back in the heart of the Los Angeles/ Hollywood scene. The place where every hot woman goes to ‘make it’ as a model or actress. If you can get your game right here in the City of Angels, you can get *it* anywhere and everywhere you’ll ever be.

Then there’s the high quality coaching and immersive learning, on this program we will teach you everything you ever need to know. We don’t just cover the nuts and bolts of cold approach pick up either. We got.

Inner Game:

Note: This top inner game video is a lair talk – our student rations are always 2 to 1 max.


Social Circle

Pulling And The Sense OF Accomplishment

Which both the instructors and the students feel intensely.

So if you want to get in on the next line in personal immersion training when it comes to women, I suggest you fill out an application – we don’t take you if the program is wrong for you.

We encourage you to be able to approach – having some anxiety is cool but having too much will see you make slower progress. We also love students with an open mind and an openness to new ideas, people and experiences.

We’re going to hand you all the keys to the kingdom but it’s all useless if you won’t use them.


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  1. max says:

    Hy there… what happened to the 2 minute love rx videos on youtoube. they are gone

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