“Where the hell did that come from!?”

That’s what they would all say when I’d already have the condom on. At least that’s what I thought they were saying, my Portuguese wasn’t that good.

I’d spent the better part of a year traveling around South America picking up local girls and indulging in the many pleasures life has to offer in the process.

But I had an advantage over all the other guys, local and foreign alike. But it wasn’t my accent. I had something they didn’t, but we’ll get to that in a second.

It’s becoming more and more common to find members of the seduction community traveling overseas to level up on their game. You’d be struggling to find a lair forum that didn’t have a post about members’ overseas exploits. It’s a great way for guys to rack up lots of experience in a short time frame, whilst pushing their comfort zone on a totally different level. You grow a lot as a person, develop self-confidence and have some crazy ass adventures that make for amazing stories later on.

The first time you pickup in a foreign language is quite exciting too. There must be a degree of charm that gets assigned to you if you sound like a bastardized version of Tarzan when you speak a foreign language.

I remember I was with a Brazilian girl who only spoke Portuguese. She asked me to say something sexy in English, and me being the asshole I am decided to exploit the situation for shits & giggles and said “make me a sandwich” in my sexiest voice. She was dripping wet after that.

Travel will also make you good at sorting out logistics like nothing else will. Unless you’re staying in a private room, you’re basically screwed from the get-go… as you will most likely be packed into a hostel with a dozen other snoring, smelly strangers.

Let’s be honest, pulling back to this kind of an environment isn’t ideal. So finding an alternative is a better option. The best locations I found for SNL game when you’re traveling and haven’t got a good location to pull to are the following:

1. The bathroom of your hostel (turn on the exhaust fan and run the water for added ‘privacy’)
2. A secluded park or playground
3. Dark alleyway
4. The beach

When you’re in a new city picking up and you haven’t got all the logistics planned out in your favor it’s at least nice to have one thing in your favor when it comes time to pull. The advantage I had was some incredible underwear. Not the magical Mormon kind either, these were ‘Adventure Underwear’.

A friend of mine gave me a pair to take traveling and they really came in handy. They’re comfy as hell, but more importantly they have a couple of hidden pockets in them, one of which is waterproof. How the hell was this helpful in a pickup you ask?

- When I was hitting on girls in a street party with a gang of child pickpockets rifling through my pants, I was able to play it cool and keep chatting with the girl because my cash was hidden safely in my underwear.

- Having a condom right where the action is can really help in tricky situations (like public sex pulls). When you’ve got the girl’s buying temperature pumped up and you then waste time awkwardly fumbling through your pants trying to find a condom her BT can drop and kill the close.

- Picking up at beach parties or pool parties where you’re only in your swimming trunks was made easier.  I didn’t have to worry about my wallet getting wet and always had a condom handy.

Let’s be honest, most women will not stop you at the last minute if you don’t have a condom. They’ll act in the emotion of the moment and backwards rationalize it afterwards. That’s why it’s YOUR responsibility to make sure you wrap your tool. I always carry several condoms with me– I’d rather not contract an STD or get someone pregnant and pay child support for 18 years thank you very much.

Always having condoms with you also brings along a good mentality with it. You’re always expecting to get laid no matter where you are or what you’re doing because YOU’RE THAT GOOD.

Getting good at closing means covering all the bases when it comes to logistics. Sometimes this means planning everything ahead of time, and sometimes it means thinking on your feet. When you’re traveling, you don’t always have logistics in your favor so it’s nice to be able to shift the odds in your favor whenever you have a chance to.
If you’re planning on doing some travelling you can head over to their kickstarter page now and score yourself a pair.

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